1. ItĄŻs fast and easy-to-use


Only within 15-minutes, anyone can make the beautiful,

distinctive Photo books with the press album or high-quality binding books.



2. ItĄŻs everything you want


Pictory S/W supports the various items which are a wide range of Photo book from

the micro size to 12x12", divisional photo, Polaroid, invitation card, greeting card,

template photo, photo edit function, diversified calendar, and so on.

By using the button binder and cutter for mini album, you can make your own mini show book

album suitable for a cell phone.



3. ItĄŻs Low-Cost


The cost of the equipment and supplies is favorable to be compared to old ? fashioned ĄŻones


4. It occupies small space


In contrast with the existing press and binding album, the pictory system is well

appropriate to be used in a mini lab of limited place.


The Pictory systems consists of the following three pieces of equipment


Hot-press : an easy to use system that turns silver halide,

dye-sub and inkjet prints into beautiful,

distinctive photobooks.


Voltage: 220~240v, 50~60hz   Power Consumption: 400w

Dimension: 450*550*500(mm) Weight: 60KG

Preheating Time: 1 Hours

Binding Size, Max.: 12" x 12"

Manual creasing machine


Creasing Length: 360mm

Dimension: 593 × 383 × 122(mm)

Weight kg: 8.8Kg   Paper Weight, Max.: 450g   



Weight : 18Kg   Dimension: 650 x 440 x 290(mm )